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▲ Large-scale and high-end coal energy enterprise image and achievement display, scientific and technological innovation achievement display.
▲ Underground comprehensive mining
Coal Mining Equipment: Drum Shearer, Plow, Auger Shearer, Shearer Accessories.
Mechanized tunneling equipment: full-section roadheader, shield machine, rock boring machine, part-section roadheader, cantilever roadheader, windlasser, continuous shearer, anchor and protection machine, micro shield, pipe jacking machine, shaft roadheader, raise shaft boring machine, chamber roadheader, inclined shaft roadheader, roadheader accessories.
Mine tunneling equipment: rock drilling rigs, bolting rigs, rock drills, wet spraying rigs, shotcrete machines, skid trucks, drilling and loading machines.
Rear supporting systems: segment erectors, loaders, side-dump mining trucks, underground scrapers, underground ore trucks - chains, scraper conveyor accessories - ring chains.
Supporting equipment: bolting rigs, roadway repair machines, tensioning tools, rock drilling tools-drill pipes, rock drilling tools-drill bits, anchor rods, anchor cables, anchoring agents, anchor net interlocking machines.
Working face support: working face hydraulic support, end support, transition support, roadway support, single hydraulic support, metal top beam, hydraulic support accessories.
Working face conveying equipment: working face scraper conveyor, transfer machine, working face crusher, belt self-moving device, Matick (transfer head and belt conveyor tail self-moving device), scraper conveyor accessories - chain, scraper conveyor accessories - ring chain, return column winch, dispatching winch.

▲ Underground transportation
Belt transport: belt conveyors, air levitation belt conveyors, belt transfer machines, rollers (vulcanized lagging machines), self-moving tails, conveyor belts, belt fasteners, conveyor belt repair technology, rollers, cleaners, backstops, trainers, brakes.
Auxiliary transportation - rail transportation: battery electric locomotives, overhead electric locomotives, oil extractor tractors, underground human vehicles, flat cars, mine cars, shuttles, warehouse trains, dumpers, cart machines, car crawlers, car arresters, monorail cranes, monorail crane locomotives, overhead passenger devices, rack locomotives, rail cars.
Auxiliary transportation - trackless transportation: winch, trackless rubber-tyred vehicles, rubber-sleeved locomotives, lifting equipment. Mine hoisting: hoists, buckets, tank cages, buckets, tank tracks, brakes, fall arresters, inclined shaft hoisting equipment.
▲ Open-pit mining
Surface mining equipment: surface shearers, electric shovels, hydraulic excavators, wheel bucket excavators, drill rigs, drilling rigs.
Transportation Equipment: Loaders, Mining Trucks, Electric Wide-Body Trucks, Scrapers, Mining Dump Trucks.
Auxiliary equipment: gyrator, jaw crusher, generator set.

▲ Coal mine electromechanical and power
Mine power supply and distribution: mobile substations, transformers, combinations, feed switches, high-voltage, low-voltage inverters, electromagnetic starters, leakage protection devices, protectors, low-voltage side protection boxes, reactors, capacitors, electric control boxes, mining cables, cable connectors.
Motors: Explosion-proof motors, motors, permanent magnet motors, power generation equipment, diesel engines, engines.
Pumps: Emulsion Pumping Stations, Spray Pumping Stations, Hydraulic Pumps, Piston Pumps, Grouting Pumps, Fracturing Pumps, Cooling Water Pumps.
Hydraulic Transmission: Hydraulic Motor, Oil Tank, Oil Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Control Valve, Bearing, Coupling, Accumulator, Gearbox, Speed Reducer, Reducer, Backstop, Torque Limiter, Oil Pipe, Hose, Pipe Joint, Protective Sleeve, Cooler, Heater, Filter, Filter Element, Level Gauge, Seal.
Compressed air equipment: mine air compressor, air motor, air filter, oil-water separator, air bag, air storage tank, air pipe network.
Drilling rigs: directional drilling rigs, top cutting drilling rigs, tunnel drilling rigs, deep hole drilling rigs, raise boring rigs.

▲ Coal mine auxiliary production system
Drainage equipment: submersible pumps, slurry pumps, centrifugal pumps, mine water treatment equipment.
Ventilation equipment: centrifugal and axial flow ventilators, local ventilators, dust suppression systems, dust removal fans, anti-air devices, diffusers, hair dryers, intelligent pressureless dampers.
Communication and lighting equipment: mine wireless communication system, coal mine dispatching broadcast communication system, mine video surveillance system, mining lamp, charging rack, mine telephone, explosion-proof mining lamp lamp.
Safety production and rescue: safety production monitoring system, underground fire prevention and extinguishing system, nitrogen production equipment and pipelines, gas detection and pumping system, water exploration equipment, underground rescue cabin, mine self-rescue and rescue device.
Environmental Protection Equipment: Mine Environmental Protection and Reclamation, Gangue Filling Equipment, Sanxia Mining Equipment, Wastewater Treatment Solutions, Production, Domestic Sewage Treatment Equipment.

▲ Automatic control and coal mine intelligence
Coal mine automation control: fully mechanized mining automation intelligent system, tunneling automation control system, intelligent mine transportation unmanned system, mine hoisting automation system, intelligent ventilation system, intelligent power distribution monitoring system, pumping station monitoring system, washing equipment monitoring, mine pressure monitoring system, unattended integrated management system, intelligent operation and maintenance management system, underground personnel management system.
Coal mine intelligent supporting technology: explosion-proof computers, switches, industrial servers, optical fiber and radio frequency, remote controls, sensors, radars, Internet of Things solutions, iris machines, coal mine robots.
Coal processing and utilization washing equipment: screening equipment, intelligent dry separation equipment, intelligent coal gangue sorting robot, sieve plate, filter press, jigger, flotation machine, heavy medium cyclone.
Coal processing and utilization: coal chemical industry, coal-to-liquid, clean coal technology.
▲ Mining materials, tools and processing and manufacturing
Mining materials and materials: mining oil products (lubricating oil), emulsified oil, concentrate, antifreeze, non-metallic safety materials, safety blasting materials, chemical products, wear-resistant materials, steel plates, rails, wire ropes and testing services, cemented carbide, cutting tools, lithium battery power supply, mining tires, rims.
Mining tools, instruments, meters: manual, electrician, power tools, geophysical prospecting, measuring instruments, temperature, gas, pressure testing instruments, coal quality analysis instruments, automation instruments.
Processing and manufacturing: laser cladding, remanufacturing, equipment repair, welding technology, welding materials, forging processing, honing processing, internal spraying.
▲ Mine Services & Engineering
Exploration, Well Construction and Engineering: Geological Exploration, Mine Surveying, Mine Construction, Engineering Contracting, Trusteeship Operation, Turnkey Projects, Coalbed Methane Development and Utilization, Mine Cooling, Coal Preparation Plant Trusteeship and Operation.
Trade in services: design, consulting services, news media, industry organizations, labor protection, etc.

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