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Shenyang International Exhibition Center

Add: 9 Exhibition Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang




Transfer Route 

1. from Xiantao International Airport to exhibition hall: Airport Hotel Station, Take Tram Line 2 to international software park station, Transfer Tram Line 1 to Convention & Exhibition Center Station, Walk 441 meters to exhibition hall. 

2. Arrive at Exhibition Hall from Shenyang North Station: Shenyang North Station (Exit C1) get on the train, take subway line 2 to Olympic Sports Center Subway Station, transfer subway line 9 to Shengli South Street Exhibition (Exit C) , turn 165 to Xuelian Street Shanyu road station, walk 419 meters to the exhibition hall. 

3. From Shenyang Railway Station to Pavilion: Shenyang Station Take No. 327 to Shili Jincheng Station, Walk 836 meters to the pavilion. 

4. From Shenyang East Station to Exhibition Hall: Shenyang East Station Take No. 221 to Zhonghua Road Heping Street station, turn No. 137 to Nanjing Street Exhibition Road Station, walk 927 meters to exhibition hall. 

5. from the city to the exhibition hall: Bus Lines 333,324, K801,327,165 and other bus lines directly to the exhibition hall.



Taxi routes (for reference only, whichever is the actual)

1. Municipal Government square-shenyang International Exhibition Center (18 km)

2. Shenyang station-shenyang International Exhibition Center (15.8 km)

3. Shenyang North Station-shenyang International Exhibition Center (22.5 Km)

4. Shenyang Taoxian International Airport-shenyang International Exhibition Center (13 km)

Note: The current fare for taxis in Shenyang is 8 yuan/3 km, fuel cost $1 per trip, 3 km + $1 per 550 m, 15 km + $1 per 370 M. Night Train and air-conditioned train, starting price 9 yuan/3 km, 3 km + 1 yuan per 500 meters, 15 km + 1 yuan per 340 meters.


Metro Line 

1. Metro Line 1 to “Youth Street station”transfer to Metro Line 2(Quanyun road direction) to “Century building station”, Exit B, take a taxi to Shenyang International Exhibition Center.

2. Metro Line 2(all transport road direction) to the “Century tower station”, Exit B, take a taxi to Shenyang International Exhibition Center.


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