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At present, the supply and demand pattern of the global energy market is undergoing profound changes, and energy transition and green development have become the main theme of development in various countries. How to grasp the opportunities brought about by the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and transform technology and manufacturing capabilities into faster global energy transformation and development has become a new challenge for all parties. As a major region for the growth of energy demand, the Asia-Pacific region is speeding up the pace of policy formulation and project construction, promoting the update and iteration of energy technology, providing the core driving force for global energy transformation and reform, and building a new development pattern for the industry.

Northeast China is a heavy industry and energy security base with an earlier development and a complete industrial system, which has the basic conditions for creating a demonstration area for green energy transformation, and has a demonstrative and leading role in the implementation of the global development initiative during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the implementation of the "dual carbon" strategy, which is conducive to promoting the optimization and upgrading of China's energy industry structure, forming a new energy production system driven by multiple wheels, and improving energy supply capacity and supply quality. Known as the "first provincial capital of Northeast China", Shenyang has abundant industrial resources, developed high-end manufacturing, excellent logistics and supply chain infrastructure, and as a hub connecting China, Russia and Northeast Asia, Shenyang is the preferred city for holding high-quality large-scale energy industry exhibitions.

In order to consolidate the "green" foundation for the high-quality development of the energy industry, promote the upgrading of the energy industry base and the modernization of the industrial chain, and stimulate new momentum for energy innovation and development, the "China International Coal and Mining Equipment Exhibition (CICE), hosted by industry authorities and fully supported by leading enterprises in the application field, will be held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center on June 27-29, 2024. Based on the advantages of China's coal and mining industry, this exhibition forges a long board of technology and equipment, promotes the multi-directional integration and development of coal and mining technology and modern information, new materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and opens up a new track and shapes new advantages for China's mining equipment to move towards the middle and high-end of the global industrial chain. At the same time, the exhibition will further integrate resources, realize the supply and demand docking covering the whole industrial chain, discuss cooperation, and jointly create a new open highland that connects the world with a "chain" and is rooted in Northeast China, empowering industrial clustering and focusing on high-quality development. The 9th China International Mining Exhibition will be held at the same time, and guests, exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad are invited to gather in Shenyang to participate in the grand event of cooperation, "carbon" to find the future, and draw a green picture of the energy industry!
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